Hi. Welcome to Letters to a Hungry Ghost.

464px Gaki zoshi Tokyo part 9
Hungry Ghost scroll hanging in Tokyo Museum. (Public Domain)

First off, I’m wondering how many of my readers know what a Hungry Ghost is, much less why I’d be writing letters to them. A hungry ghost is a being born into a hell realm where they experience constant hunger and thirst. While there may be plenty to eat and drink in this realm, the being’s grasping goes unquenched. They are pictured as  reatures with bloated stomachs and tiny, tiny throats. Their throats are so tiny that no food or drink can pass. How did they come to be reborn in this hell realm?

A Hungry Ghost spent a previous rebirth chasing after countless urges. They spent a life marked by consumption and craving. No craving was too small to go unlusted after.

I write letters to the Hungry Ghost to help me from being consumed by craving.

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