Thinking about Liturgy

I’ve been thinking a lot about liturgy lately. I’m a cradle high church Episcopalian and at times a Tibetan Buddhist. To say that I’m about the “smells and bells” would not be too wide of the mark. Smells and bells refers to an ornate liturgical style. I will be the first to admit that ornament for the sake of ornament misses the point of why we gather. However, purposeful ornament underscores the magnatude of our efforts or our purpose. We are celebrating the magnificence of creation and the search for out place within that creation.

So with all that out of the way. I’m faced with the project of creating or adapting a liturgy that reflects what we’re doing with a sense of elegance, but is at the same time accessible to a congregation that by and large comes from a non-liturgical background.

I am not the least bit musical, so Matthew Fox’s Cosmic Mass is beyond my reach. I want to include poetry and images. I’d be happy with a group recitation of Leaves of Grass, but this is a worship service not a literature class.

I’ve found a text that I’d like to work from. It is a modern rendition of the 1st English Prayerbook.  I’m actually in the process of collecting copies of the book to use until I can write an original piece. I pick up a copy or two when I see a good price on eBay or Amazon marketplace. To avoid copyright issues, I’ll be adapting the original which is now in the public domain.

I have a few friends who I’d like to cajole into helping me write. Yes this mean you, Oliver. Ha ha.