Zealot and the spirit of a New Jerusalem

I’ve been sitting here having my coffee and reading the Post. Today’s post is chock-a-block filled with stories of yesterday’s 50th Anniversary remembrance of the 1963 March on Washington for Civil Rights. By chance or design I’ve been listening to Zealot on my iPad. The delicious take-away from this book is that Jesus was the Martin Luther King, Jr. of his day. One might also posit that Jesus was an Occupy Jerusalem activist. While the purity of the land views of the day are anathema today the struggle in Jerusalem then is a forerunner of the social justice struggles of our day.

In interviews Reza Aslan defends his scholarship and allows that while he stands behind his conclusions other Scholars see things differently. Aslan introduces us to a subversive and dangerous Jesus. Jesus the Nazarene and his compatriots were a threat to the status quo. Turning the House of God into a Den of Thieves was to their eyes an affront to God as was the Roman occupation. The two were intimately linked. 

Even as he was named for the author of the Reformation, Martin Luther King, Jr. understood as did Jesus that faith and works are likewise intimately linked.

be peace,