Coming out of some closets

Let’s Come Out and Be Real

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I’ve been playing about being a simple Buddhist on this blog.  I have never intended to hide anything from anyone, but I have had a tendency to compartmentalize everything in my life. That in itself tends to be a little dishonest; but more than that it is bloody exhausting. So here we are. The image on the right isn’t exactly what one expects to see on a Buddhist blog. But none the less it is me, your humble scribe. I am a priest ordained by the Order of the Companions of St Thomas. We are a small independent catholic order. We have no hierarchical connection to the See of Rome. We are catholic in that we are universal and ordained in Apostolic Succession. Think of it like linage in Buddhist terms. Something once implicit is now explicit; I’m gay. Happily, proudly, loudly out gay; that’s me. I have a husband, and his name is Lane. We’re not legally married yet. By his tradition I have to ask his family face to face for permission to marry.

So I’m catholic. I’m not a very traditional catholic. If you’ve ever read anything by Matthew Fox, you’re in the right neighborhood. The Queendom/Kingdom of God is at hand because it is all around us. Like our Buddha nature, our Christ nature is there waiting for us to uncover it.

I will be writing about Buddhist as well as Christian topics on this blog. Don’t take anything I write on this blog as an immutable position statement on my part, but rather a work in progress. Nothing is fixed from its own side. The only possible exception are matters of civil rights. You’re smart and you’ll figure it out as we go along. I have confidence in my ability to reach you and your ability to think for your self. Cool. Cool.