Science, Dharma, and the Big Bang

A few minutes ago Palyul teacher Jetsunma Akon Lhamo published a tweet that claimed, “Imagine! The iron in our blood and planet both came from a dying STAR. A SUN! We consist of that. #Science #QuoteJAL” (

I sat back and thought about that for a moment and smiled. I had heard something along those lines a few years ago. A priest from one of the Japanese traditions was talking about the big bang. What he said took me by complete surprise. He noted that we would not be here were it not for the big bang. That was easy enough to figure. The next words out of his mouth floored me. The big bang could not have happened without me. (well us) In that moment I experienced a view unlike any I had before. In that brief moment of clarity I saw past the veils of the mundane.